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Columbia MT 320
The NEW generation of battery-powered handheld devices suitable for PP and PET strap the Columbia MT 320 battery powered strapping tool for plastic strap sets the NEW industry standard.

The Columbia MT 320 is equipped with the latest generation Lithium batteries with no ‘memory effect’ and a brushless motor ensuring the highest cycle speed and tension in the market.

The Columbia MT 320 battery powered strapping tool is perfectly balanced, safe and easy to operate due to its unique opening system, is an effective and efficient tool for a wide range of applications. Optimized application control through different modes through a simple to use control panel with "Automatic", "semi-automatic", "Manual" and "soft“  options.

The many new features and innovations of the Columbia MT 320 class this NEW strapping hand tool to the top devices in the world:

Technical Data

We sell Parts for the Columbia MT 320, we also offer repair through our knowledgeable and trained service staff.

Columbia MT320 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

MT - 320 Brochure APP.pdf
Request Info 3/8”- 5/8” Strap Width Battery Powered Tools For Plastic Strapping

“Includes 2 Batteries and Charger”

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