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Orion Stretch Wrappers


Orion Fully Automatic Products Brochure

FAflyer.pdf HPS LPS FlexHPA

High Performance & Budget Friendly
FLEX HPS and LPS Series Stretch Wrappers

Entry Level Sentry Low Profile Stretch Wrapper

ORION Quality, Performance and Reliability.

Advanced Features and Superior Performance for the Most Demanding Applications.

Automatic Stand Alone Stretch Wrappers.
Increased Throughput and Film Savings.


Rotary Tower Automatic and Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers.


Orion Packaging's comprehensive line of semi-automatic stretch wrappers takes the guesswork out of selecting your semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. These semi-automatic pallet wrappers allow you to see added efficiencies in your stretch wrapping lines.

The semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Orion have been categorized into three different categories. These include the semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers, semi-automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers & Flex Series conveyorized twin station stretch wrappers.

Orion automatic stretch wrapping systems require no operator. Pallet loads are brought to the machine via conveyor and are automatically stretch wrapped according to pre-programmed parameters. The only operator intervention required is changing of stretch film when the roll is empty.

All Orion automatic systems are built with the highest degree of structural integrity, flexibility, reliability and performance. For more standard load types and a smaller machine footprint, Orion's FA machine fits the bill perfectly. For more difficult load types, such as fragile or easily toppled loads, Orion's MA rotary tower automatics are ideal

These fully automatic pallet wrapping systems are manufactured solely with structural steel (no framed metal or plastic parts) for the longest possible machine life in the harshest possible environments.

In addition, Orion utilizes non-proprietary, locally obtainable components combined with an open mechanical design for maximum up time and easy of maintenance on your automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

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Flex LPS by Orion

A low profile stretch wrapper that offers Flex quality at an affordable price.

Flex HPS by Orion

Flex performance, Flex construction and Flex reliability at an affordable price.

Turntable Pallet Wrapper Low Profile Deluxe

This pallet wrapper ensures cost efficiency and safe operations.

Turntable Pallet Wrapper
High Profile Deluxe

This Flex Series focuses on a quick and efficient means of pallet wrapping.

Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping System Flex LPA Low Profile Automatic

With no need for operators, this system performs
the entire wrap cycle automatically.

Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping System Flex HPA High Profile Automatic

Flex HPA high profile automatic system is designed to perform the entire wrap cycle automatically.

Rotary Tower Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper
Flex RTD

The Flex RTD pallet wrapper can be loaded by pallet jack or lift truck, with no ramps required.

Rotary Tower Automatic Pallet Wrapper Flex RTA

This pallet wrapper simply requires your operators to place the load and pull a handling lanyard.

Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper Flex CTS

The Flex CTS Series is designed to increase fork lift efficiency and reduce load handling times.

Sentry by Orion

The affordable new Sentry by Orion can improve your bottom line by eliminating the need for "hand" wrapping of pallet loads. Find out how you can save money with the very first load you wrap.