Sato CL4NX Thermal Transfer Printer

User Friendly Industrial Thermal Printer, Sato CL4NX

Brand: Sato America
Product Code: Sato CL4NX

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Sato CL4NX Thermal Transfer Printer

User Friendly Industrial Thermal Printer, Sato CL4NX

With the NEW Sato CL4NX your problems are solved! Only the CL4NX will address the typical thermal printer issues you experience today by its many user friendly features and rugged design. Built with integrity, designed with the operator in mind, the CL4NX surpasses the standard of today’s printing technology.

Solid Construction - The Sato CL4NX is built tough using a full cast aluminum frame providing better durability vs. bent frame and spot welded construction as seen on other leading competitive models.
Universal Connectivity - More standard connectivity options create easier integration into existing and expanding application environments.
Easy Media Access - Wide accessibility (60°) to media path allows for quick, effortless loading of media, print head and platen roller maintenance.
Label Dampener - LTDS controls the back-feed; wound in/wound out features, making most media CL4NX adaptable.
On-board Help Videos - The CL4NX help videos are conveniently resident on the printer for viewing vs. scannable QR codes as seen on other leading competitive models.
Advanced Ribbon Control - Additional ribbon guide roller and oversized ribbon wind spindle is synchronized with platen roller to help reduce ribbon wrinkle.

CL4NX Thermal Printer Features Overview

The new CL4NX offers a vast array of standard features that are unequalled by its competition. Printer setups, operation and maintenance are supremely easy and intuitive.



   User-Friendly Operation

SATO America's Industrial Barcode Printer CL4NX Series is awesome

Operation errors are easily detectable for our thermal printers with a blue indicator light Blue LED Indicator – Normal operation has the LED illuminated in blue and will change to red should an error in the operation be detected, making it clearly visible to any operator the printer’s status and when attention is required.

A key feature of the CL4NX thermal printer is the large LCD screen 3.5” Full Color LCD – Clear and crisp images provide quality and real time messaging on the printer’s status. The LCD screen is large enough for the operator to observe error messages and select video guidance. 30 languages can be displayed and switching between screen settings is simple.

Navigation is much easier with the thermal printer key operation design Intuitive Key Design – Universal icons for easy to understand key operation. Two soft keys display information relevant to onscreen content/operation making navigation and selection easier than ever before.


   Durable Design


SATO Industrial Thermal Printers are built for the demands of high-volume printing Metal Housing – Built strong to withstand the demands of industrial printing applications and environments.

Industrial Printers from SATO are designed for excellent performance Ribbon Take Up – Newly designed ribbon system supports the use of ribbon lengths up to 600m and significantly improves the take up of spent ribbon in thermal transfer printing applications.

Our Industrial Thermal Printers are easy to maintain Tool-less Replacement of Parts – Offers quick replacement of both the print head and platen roller without the need for tools, reducing maintenance and operational downtime.

SATO thermal printers are ideal for high volume printing applications

   Easy Setup and Maintenance

SATO America's Industrial Barcode printer CL4NX series

Easier and faster maintenance is possible due to the wide printer head opening 60° Wide Print Head Opening – Best in class head opening of 60° will allow easier access and faster maintenance. This translates into reduced down time and easy access to media sensor and other components.

The CL4NX series offers a full color display panel Easy Setup – User friendly icon & multi-national languages are supported and shown on a Full Color Display. Operation settings can be secured using the password protection feature and with its easily accessible Power-On button, operation response actions and setups can be performed from the front panel LCD of the printer.

A prominent feature of the CL4NX series is the redesigned head unit mechanism Redesigned Head Unit Mechanism

  • New Synchronized Ribbon and Platen Roller
  • New Head Pressure Adjusters
  • New Head Right-Left Balance Screw - A balance screw offers additional adjustment for head pressure when printing on specialty media if required.

   High Speed Processing and Throughput


The thermal printer's speed for label processing is exceptionally quick High Speed Response – Dual CPU architecture offers overwhelming processing speed resulting in fastest first label out.

Printer memory has been greatly increased on the CL4NX series Industry Leading Throughput – 100MB of user accessible memory allows for storage of formats, large graphics, custom fonts and other downloads allowing for faster throughput.

SATO Industrial Thermal Printers are built for the demand of high-volume printing

   Multi-National Language Support

The multi national language feature is one of the most popular printer features

All major world languages are available through the display menu 30 Display and 47 Print Languages – With its integrated and highly efficient font engine, all major world languages are available through the display menu and will instantaneously change after making your language selection without additional font downloading.

The CL4NX series printer has the ability to switch between languages Emerging and New Market Support – Having multi-lingual capabilities the CL4NX can open new labeling opportunities by easily switching between languages allowing you to support installations and applications around the globe.


   Superior Print Accuracy and Quality


Precision printing is a must have when images have little leeway Print Accuracy – Precise print registration, for applications requiring tight imaging tolerances.

SATO's CL4NX thermal printer has an improved darkness range Improved Darkness Range – Provides superior image quality on a myriad of different substrates.

The CL4NX printer has a superior label tension damper system Label Tension Dampener System (LTDS) - LTDS contributes to a controlled back-feed tension for demand label applications, providing a proper and consistent label track.

Printing is now a possibility in almost any environment High Energy Mode – New energy setting allows printing in most any environment and surrounding temperature at higher print speeds with qualified media.

The CL4NX industrial thermal printer has a multitude of capabilities

   Emulation Support

CL4NX allows to plug and play with emulation auto detection

Auto detection of print languages is a feature of the CL4NX series thermal printer Standard Emulations On-board – Auto Detection of competitive print languages using SATO’s SBPL®, SZPL®, STCL®, SDPL® and SIPL® emulations. Auto Detect function allow users to plug and play operation when switching from SATO legacy models or another brand of printer.

The printer's USB port allows for emulation version upgrades USB Communication for Downloads – Emulation version upgrades are easily installed through the CL4NX front USB port.


   Multiple On-board Interfaces-standard


The features of the CL4NX thermal label printer exceeds expectations Interface Connectivity

Standard Interfaces: LAN, USB (type A & B), IEEE1284, RS232C, EXT, Bluetooth
Optional Interface: WLAN´╝ł802.11 a/b/g/n) 2.45GHz, 5.0GHz Support

Printer settings are easy to use and change using a USB memory stick USB Port – Offers a convenient method of downloading additional or special fonts, firmware, emulations or copying new printer settings using a USB memory stick.

The CL4NX series thermal printer administers superior performance

   Space Saving Design

Our CL4NX series printer door is one of the most unique features

SATO's thermal barcode printer series CL4NX can operate in smaller spaces Bi-Fold Side Cover – Reduces the overall area required for printer operation by 54% as compared to competitive models. This feature will allow the CL4NX to be placed closer to objects in above table applications and higher to operator level in under table applications.


   Supports a Variety of Media Types


Media matching is an important element on our industrial thermal printers Media Matching

One great feature of our thermal printers is the high energy mode High Energy Mode

SATO's CL4NX printer supports a wided variety of media types

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