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Product Code: HPS

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Orion Flex HPS

Orion is proud to introduce the new Standard, or "S" Series, the latest addition to the popular Flex Series of stretch wrapping machines. The new High Profile Standard (HPS) and Low Profile Standard (LPS) have been designed to provide the same standards of durability, reliability and performance as the rest of the Flex line, yet at an affordable price. The S Series includes the proven InstaThread film delivery system which elongates film 260% prior to delivery to the load. The InstaThread features an ultra-sensitive corner compensation mechanism to assure that film tension around the entire load is consistent for better load stability and economy. The HPS is ideal for applications where it is loaded primarily by fork lift. For applications where pallet jacks are used, or a combination of pallet jacks and fork lifts, Orion recommends using a low profile model such as the Flex LPS.

The S Series pallet film wrapper includes the proven InstaThread film delivery system which elongates film 260 percent prior to delivery to the load.  With a Low Profile Standard and a High Profile Standard model, your options are endless.  The LPS is ideal for pallet jack loading or fork lift loading and features a deluxe control panel with Touch Panel HMI, a maximum load height of 80 inches standard, an easy to ready monochrome touch panel, and a password lockout capability to prevent tampering. 

· 12 RPM Variable Speed with ‘soft-start’

· 4,000 lb. Maximum Load Weight Capacity

· 260% Powered Pre-stretch Reduces Film Cost

· Deluxe Control Panel with Touch Panel HMI

· 48"x48" Octagonal Turntable for Loads up to 55"x55" (HP)

· Max Load Height 80" Standard, 110" Optional

· Easy to Read Monochrome Touch Panel

· Password Lockout Capability Prevents Tampering

· AC/VFD Motors Eliminate Brush Maintenance

· Automatic Load Height Photoeye

· Structural Steel Frame for Long-Term Durability

· Fork Lift Tubes for Easy Portability

· 4-Point Caster Support for quiet & reliable operation (HP)

· No-Slip Direct Chain & Sprocket Turntable Drive

· Separate UP/DOWN Carriage Speed 




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