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Sharp MAX Plus Auto Bagging Machine

Auto-Bagging Machine

Patented "first bag out" printing capabilities

Cycles over 100 bags per minute

On board integrated PC for enhanced production, automation and integration

Available with either "first bag out" print capabilities or traditional stand behind imprinter.

The MAX Plus™ offers speed, versatility and ease of use with the latest in
reliable technology.
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Packaging Specifications

       Bag Width     Bag Length     Film Gauge

Minimum 2"           3.5"                 .001

Maximum 12"         32"                  .004

Machine Specifications

Width     Height    Depth   Weight    Air Reg.           Power                      Rate

37.25"     36" - 43"    56"    460 lb     80 PSI 5 scfm    110 VAC 15 Amps    100 Bags per min.

Printing Specifications

"I" (Integrated Imprinter)

               Bag Width  Print Location           Print/Min.  Print Speed

Minimum    2"            2" From Bottom Seal        50                 2

Maximum    12"          Digital Print Offset                              12

Printing Specifications

"SB" (Stand Behind Imprinter)

               Bag Width    Print Location      Print/Min.   Print Speed

Minimum        2"           24" of Manual            70                 2

Maximum      12"           Print Location                              12

Max Plus Video


On board PC provides:

- Self-diagnostic capabilities

- Label creation and storage

- Multiple job storage

- Video training tutorials

- Windows® based

Technical Specifications

10.4" color touch screen

Clam shell design

Powered height adjustment

Ergonomic design

Pivoting load shelf

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